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Markets Served:  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada; Greater Vancouver Regional District County, British Columbia, Canada;

Specialties: Architecturally Significant; Athletes/Celebrities; Buyer's Specialist; Custom Construction; Downtown; Executive Relocation; High-Rise; International Buyers; Listing Specialist; New Homes; Residential Investments; Residential Lots; Senior; Townhomes/Condos; Waterfront/Waterview;

What do Clients Say?

Buying or selling a house is (obviously) a major financial and personnel decision for most people. My wife and I have been through the process five times in th epast 10 years with four different real estate agents in two major Canadian cities. we had such fantastic experience with Anne that I recommended her to a friend when he was considering selling his house. We greatlt appreciated the quality of her real estate services. This is why I recommend Anne. Anne has an understanding of the Vancouver, Canadian and International housing market. She appreciates that a house is an investment, as well as a home. She understands the big picture and pays attention to the smallest of details. When my wife and I interviewed her to determine if we wanted her to sell our house for us, she took us through the process she would use. Based on the interview we decided to hire her. She made a number of promises during the interview and she kept all of them as our agent. She informed us what she would do and what we would have to do. She worked hard and thoughtfully for us and so did the people with who she works (e.g. photographer). The process was educational and fun too. Our house was priced competitively, and fairly, and sold for above asking. We trusted Anne so much that we recommended her a friend who was thinking of selling his house. He picked her as his agent too and had a great experience. Anne also identified and intervewed a Sotheby's agent for us to consider in the city to which we were moving. We decided to select the agent she identified and had a very good experience with her too. I recommend Anne without reservation.

Giselle and Aaron

In Real Estate, there are professionals and then there are leaders. Anne is unquestionhouseably the latter. My experience with her as my agent was so good that it was completely unexpected, I was not aware selling a house could be such a great experience until now. She took care of every possible little detail I could think of and then on top of that got me over-asking on my property, which was competing with several others in the neighborhood. She is a wonderful person and a shrewd negotiator with an uncanny talent for knowing what buyers are looking for. There is no doubt in my mind that she among the best of the best. Give her a call and she will surprise you too!

Joel G.

Anne is amazing! When I decided to sell my house, I resigned myself to hope for the best. Anne Mainwaring changed my feeling of resignation to absolute confidence that I was indeed getting the best service imaginable! With her tireless hard work, the results speak for themselves! In the first few minutes of our first meeting, I could tell that I was dealing with a professional and ethical realtor. Anne put me at ease with her genuine personality, respect, and dedication. Clearly she loves making her clients happy. Everything she did was in my best interest and I could trust beyond a doubt in the advice she gave me. She made the entire process not only painless but enjoyable! She was equally as dedicated and helpful in trying to find my next home. Her connections with other realtors and representatives for developers, allowed her to give me expert and timely advice. As a result, I was able to purchase a beautiful and unique home. I sincerely appreciated Anne’s consistent attention and her extra efforts. I have recommended her to all my friends and family. When I decide to sell again, I will hire Anne without hesitation.

Lisa M.

It is thanks to our real estate agent, Mrs. Anne Mainwaring, that the sale of our house in Quilchena, Vancouver BC, turned from an ordeal into a fairly pleasant, albeit serious, event. One only sells one's home a few times in their lives. It is natural to expect difficulties and it becomes essential to sell well especially when downsizing with the hope of receiving some "retirement" funds from the sale. The sale of of our home went through quickly based on the professional advice of Mrs. Mainwaring. With her guidance, we were able to overcome many serious difficulties, including a serious attempt to substantially lower the selling price on the basis of critical, although unsubstantiated, claims. We know that it was to the large extent due to the tactful and very patient efforts by Mrs. Mainwaring, as well as her command of the Chinese language, that we were able to maintain the stability of the initial offer as well as peace at home. Mrs. Mainwaring responded to all challenges without delay, she worked diligently, thoroughly and resourcefully until the problem was solved to our satisfaction, on several occasions, well past midnight. Our initial decision to contact Sotheby's Real Estate Agency was based on their well-known tradition of professional efficiency, honesty and high quality of work as serious international art auctioneers. We have learned that their representative agent, Mrs. Mainwaring, embodies not only these qualities but also charm, humour and generosity of spirit as well as an exceptional dedication to her task. We were happy with the process of selling our home as well as with the results.

Mr. and Mrs. B,

I would highly recommend Anne Mainwaring as a realtor for the following reasons: Professional: She is experienced and savvy with Vancouver real estate markets. She knows the fine points of deciding whether and how to make an offer, how to obtain financing, and how to rent out a property. She has reliable professionals she can recommend in related financial and legal fields. This is so important given the speed with which one needs to make these decisions in today's markets. She gives an honest and intelligent opinion, for example, telling you if she does not think something is a good idea based on her experience. She puts integrity before making a profit. She is punctual and reliable, quick to return calls and emails, abd very efficient with her time. Compassionate: She recognizes the stressful nature of a real estate transaction, i.e. making rapid, life-changing decisions involving large amounts of money. This stress is mitigated by her highly competent and compassionate advice. Charming! She possesses a delightful sense of humour, as well as a unique understanding of human nature. I found her to be very respectful, a good communicator who "get's people. She also dresses in a professional, fashion conscious way. She is pleasant, energetic, and fun too! In summary, I had a 100% fantastic experience dealing with Anne, and have no reservations whatsoever. She is a DIAMOND!!!

Anna B.

About Anne

As an expert in the Vancouver real estate market, Anne brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience dating from 1991. Born and raised in France, she graduated from Business School in Paris. She has lived and worked in Paris, London, Taipei, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Dubai, residing in the Point Grey neighbourhood in Vancouver since 1998. An early start in the international market place began in the Middle East representing French luxury goods. Her career pursuits brought her to Vancouver, where a keen interest in real estate developed with her experience of buying and selling multiple properties for her family in Whistler and the Westside and Downtown sectors of Vancouver. Her flair as an avid real estate consumer has been the key to her success as a realtor. Real estate is her passion.

Anne specializes in buying and selling residential and investment properties. Using her unique combination of extensive market and valuation knowledge, savvy marketing skills, effective listening and negotiating skills in three languages (English, French, Mandarin), high quality global networks and strong ethics, Anne achieved the coveted MILLION DOLLAR GUILD® awarded by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing®.  As a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist®, Anne utilises her membership in an international network of real estate professionals and superb diligence to get you the results you want. Whether you are buying your first house, are a sophisticated real estate investor, or simply somewhere in between, deciding to “right size” or relocate to the Metro Vancouver area, count on Anne’s expertise in the residential home, condo, town home, duplex or pre-sale markets. She is here for you and available to help you in your search.

As your listing agent, Anne will customize your home valuation, showcase your home with expert staging and “push your property” to the top 1,000 local realtors. She will organize private viewings and utilize all the marketing and advertising tools available through Sotheby’s International Realty Canada to effectively present your property to local, Asian and European clients. Careful attention to all the details supports you through every step, ensuring your wants and needs are met. Anne sees opportunities and value creation where others see challenges and problems. Trends are her friend and her extensive international exposure, multilingual fluency and deep appreciation of cultural nuances enable her to apply this expertise to the sale of your home.

Anne is married to Mark and the mother of school- aged children. Her household is complete with Java, her athletic dog and Coco, her adorable rescued tortoiseshell cat. She enjoys the outdoor lifestyle that living in Vancouver offers, her favourite activities include running, high-intensity training, biking, skiing, and swimming and has begun participating in triathlons. She loves travelling (clearly!) and strongly believes that life is about building relationships. The stronger and more meaningful your relationships are – the more fulfilling and fun your life will be.

以15年温哥华地产界的成功经验提供温哥华房地产市场最专业 的本地资讯。她本人在Point Grey定居。

她可以熟练使用中文 (普通话), 法文和英文。

在香港, 台北, 孟买, 迪拜和巴黎的12年工作经验和生活经历使 Anne理解多个国家的文化以及商业惯例。期待与您的合作, 希 望为您提供最好的服务。