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6301 Gaston Ave #125, Dallas, TX 75214

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Markets Served:  Dallas, TX; Fort Worth, Texas;

What do Clients Say?

Alessandra is extremely devoted to her profession. She's constantly looking to better her craft and she provides the utmost care for her clients' needs. I've seen her invest her time, energy and money into transactions where other agents would not, just to ensure that there is a positive outcome in a deal. Not a second goes by where Alessandra isn't keeping her clients and their transactions top of mind and she's always performing due diligence.

Justin Levitch

Alessandra was a joy to work with. She was punctual, reliable and she was straightforward when we had questions or concerns. Alessandra was very flexible and accommodating, which greatly helped us within our small time-frame. This was a breath of fresh air considering several realty contacts prior to Alessandra proved much less attentive and dependable. She was by far the best assistance I have encountered!

Heather Griffin

Alessandra was nothing short of spectacular as our Realtor. She has a strong professional network in the Dallas area. She recommended a Home Inspector who went above and beyond the scope of most inspectors. He discovered a problem that could have cost us thousands. Like Alessandra, you can also trust her professional network to always look out for what is best for you.

Chris Randour

Working with Alessandra was a god send. She accurately assessed my property's value, and the day we put it on the market, we got an offer that resulted in a purchase. Through the entire process, Alessandra was professional, kind, and exceedingly helpful. I can't recommend her enough!


Alessandra made us feel comfortable and walked us through our home buying process. In many ways she understood our needs better than we did. We ran into an issue on the lending side that could have been a deal breaker on the house that we eventually purchased. Alessandra went the extra mile to find a lender that could meet our needs. Alessandra was in control of the transaction from start to finish; even when we made it difficult. Thanks to Alessandra, we got a great deal on a great home that we love.

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About Alessandra

Alessandra has called Texas home for more than 30 years and considers herself a proud Texan! She has been working in the real estate industry for over a decade. After graduating from Texas State University in 2003, Alessandra began working for CoreLogic®, “the company financial services and real estate professionals turn to for comprehensive data, analytics and services” (CoreLogic 2012).

As a Realtor, Alessandra uses this unique professional background to set herself apart from others in the field. She also uses her strong work ethic, experience in negotiations, and exceptional customer service to always represent her clients’ best interests.

If you are looking for someone to do more than just open a door, you can count on Alessandra to be dedicated to your needs, provide you with valuable information, and represent your interests.