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Are your agents reaping the benefits of today's market?

Our CLHMS training can help equip them to provide outstanding service to affluent buyers and sellers, and capture a larger share of the lucrative luxury market.

Why Host a Session?

The vast majority of our CLHMS training sessions are hosted by brokerage companies or local REALTOR Associations. Hosting the training sessions offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Ensure that your agents have the best training and are equipped to capture a larger segment of the luxury marke
  • Have the program customized for YOUR company and market
  • The convenience of bringing the training to you and minimizing travel time and expenses
  • Lower the attendance costs for your agents
  • Programs can be structured so that the Host costs are zero, or even as a revenue generator
  • Facilitate networking and recruiting with a public session

Brokerage Companies

If you represent a Brokerage Company or other real estate group, The Institute's Group Program can help increase your agents’ productivity and profitability with little or no cost to you!


For Real Estate Associations, our popular CLHMS training classes are also customizable as a profitable event.

We are eager to work with you and your associates to help increase your market share in the upper-tier!

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