– Real Estate Advertising –

by Stan Barron

If you have heard Stan make a presentation, or seen some of his ads, you know that his marketing approach is sooo different than the traditional real estate marketer. Stan is known for his simple, but profound approach to putting some showmanship into the marketing of a home.

Here, for the first time, is a thorough training series—a fully illustrated book with many examples along with a training video in which he shows how to create eye-popping photographs. He also demonstrates how to start with a blank page and end up with an elegant layout.

The large-format book discusses the most common types of marketing situations we face as agents.

Get answers to questions like:

  • How do you write an ad for a home when it is more expensive than surrounding houses?
  • What do you say when your listing has a problem...like a small yard, road noise or a dated design?
  • How do you write an ad for a home that has unique features or is architect-designed?
  • Perfectly good houses go unsold all the time, so how do you write an ad so the listing can escape from obscurity?

You get sample ads that will give you great ideas for your own marketing material.

Learn important strategies such as how to position or brand a property. In example after example, you see how to breathe personality into your marketing descriptions. You gain insights in how to apply “Madison Avenue” advertising methods in your practice.

Barron’s book also includes an updated section of "How To Photograph Houses." This “how to” section of the book is the most practical advice ever given to the real estate industry for getting professional-caliber photographs.

An industry first—the training CD is simply amazing!

If you have ever thought about getting the world-class photo editing software called Adobe Photoshop, you may have hesitated because of its steep learning curve. Barron has created a training CD that demonstrates how to use this powerful software. He shows the methods the pros use to make photos “pop”.