– Tim O'Hare –

Empowering Homeowners

Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury
968 Civic Center Dr., Ste. 103, Collierville, TN 38017

Tel: 901-259-8500
Cell: 901-609-5038

Markets Served:  Memphis, Tennessee; Collierville, Tennessee; Germantown, Tennessee; Eads, Tennessee;

Specialties: Listing Specialist;

What do Clients Say?

Tim was thorough and patient. He helped us buy our home and then helped us sell our old home after we had settled into our new home. Our old home sold quickly and for over 10% more than we were asking! Highly Recommend!

Holly Luchin

About Tim

Many of Tim's experiences in school and athletics, leading up to his most successful moments in his professional career, involved people and instances that engaged his self presumed limits. Tim was fortunate to be surrounded by family, friends, coaches, teachers and executives that would challenge those presumed limits in order to help unlock a hidden level of talent and expertise. As Tim grew through his professions, whether operational or leadership roles, he struggled with the best way to pay those gifts forward. Thankfully, some of those hidden talents were coaching, technology, and an overall ability to see every problem as an opportunity. From this, Tim realized the best way he could give back was to pay the exact thing forward he was so lucky to receive and experience throughout his life;


The power to unlock potential, so that individuals feel empowered and motivated to help improve lives.


With over 15 years experience in digital marketing and technology, Tim has built, partnered, acquired and managed intricate systems that deliver the most relevant messages to consumers. With this background and passion for helping others succeed, Tim is able to empower homeowners by simplifying complex topics while his efficient process management helps gain the trust and confidence of all.


Existing and aspiring homeowners that choose to partner with Tim may do so with the assurance that he has the tools and ability to market and sell any home to its most likely buyer. Tim's experience with product development ensures he is the best partner to guide clients through their prioritized needs while also deciphering millions of records of market data to help homeowners make the best decisions for probably the largest asset of their lives.