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June 18-19 2015 Toronto ON

"This CLHMS training needs to be longer than two days. "

Julie Harbin
Royal LePage Burloak
Burlington, ON US

"Excellent scripting ideas."

David Tomlinson
Royal LePage Frank Real Estate
Peterborough, ON US

"Most useful? Turning a negative into a positive. "

Samuel Shing
RE/MAX Realtron Realty, Inc.
Toronto, ON US
June 11-12 2015 San Francisco CA

"I enjoyed all the stories and marketing tools. "

Jeffrey Williams
Zephyr Real Estate
San Francisco, CA US

"Thank you for all the resources. "

Christopher Eckert
Keller Williams Realty
Burlingame, CA US

"Taking the course live was the best. You can network and it's more interactive. "

Wendy Wong
San francisco, CA US

"Marketing ideas are the best ideas! "

Scott Yarmark
Zephyr Real Estate
San Francisco, CA US

"Thank you for teaching me how to flip a negative! "

Pamela Ellingsen
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Drysdale Properties
San Ramon, CA US

"I believe that learning how to communicate with the affluent was the most helpful."

Jose Monar
Intero Real Estate
San Mateo, CA US

"This course taught me how and when to market. "

Tim Chen
Rancho Cucamonga, CA US

"I really enjoyed the personal stories from trainer experiences. "

Susana Silva
Del Monte Realty, Inc.
Carmel, CA US

"Fresh, new, innovative marketing tools and ideas."

Zumra Maner
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Drysdale Properties
San Francisco, CA US

"Thank you for teaching me the correct look and feel of a business card. "

Rocky Rockhill
Scott & Quinn Real Estate
San Diego, CA US

"I finally can master marketing! "

Peter Shidler
Keller Williams Realty
Santa Rosa, CA US

"So many marketing ideas. "

Julie Kennedy
Zephyr Real Estate
Greenbrae, CA US

"These marketing tools will be so handy! "

Elizabeth Hirsch
Zephyr Real Estate
San Francisco, CA US

"I can't wait to use the OWL benefit."

David Cunningham
Zephyr Real Estate
San Francisco, CA US

"This course is too good to be true."

Carole Carroll
Zephyr Real Estate
San Francisco, CA US

"The Member Benefits are to die for! "

Zsuzsanna Nagy
Keller Williams
Studio City, CA US

"Access to charts and how to use them... I can't wait to apply them."

Silvana Messing
Zephyr Real Estate
San Francisco, CA US

"Trainers giving real life examples so you can apply them and relate? Yes. Great information? Yes. This course? Yes. "

Joel Schilperoort
Zephyr Real Estate
San Francisco, CA US

"The networking was fabulous! "

Annestelle Maes
Keller Williams Realty
Danville, CA US

"I know now the mindset of the affulent and I can't wait to apply this knowledge. "

Nalin Ratnaike
Keller Williams Realty Biltmore Partners
Phoenix, AZ US

"I really enjoyed this course, the trainer, and the data."

Debby Alberti
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Drysdale Properties
Danville, CA US

"I gained more self confidence and content from this course than any other course I have taken."

Shiva Jafarzadeh
Bay Sothyby's International Realty
Orinda, CA US

"Really excellent way to spend two-days. "

Jean Ludwick
Golden Gate Sotheby's Real Estate
Greenbrae, CA US

"Very interesting ideas on marketing! I am excited to apply them. "

Miranda Jung
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Drysdale Properties
Redwood City, CA US

"What a great overview. This course covered so much! "

Jose Dos Ramos
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - Drysdale Properties
Burlingame, CA US

"I have a list of new tactics and strategies to implement. "

Gabrielle Bunker
San Francisco, CA US

"This course has givne me new direction. "

Joseph Stein
Keller Williams Realty
Danville, CA US

"Unique and stimulating ideas that you can use with every buyer. "

Briana Sopala
San Antonio Portfolio Real Estate KW
San Antonio, TX US
May 13-14 2015 Coral Gables FL

"I very much enjoyed the course!"

Linda Rivero
Beachfront Realty, Inc.
Pembroke Pines, FL US

"What a lovely course! "

Sophia Pascal
Capitol Homes Real Estate
North Palm Beach, FL US

"The tips, scripts, and magic questions will really come in handy! "

Gherlin Martinez
The Keyes Company
Miami, FL US

"I liked the knowledge of how to market to the affluent very much! "

Kessa Gooden
Keller Williams Partners
Plantation, FL US

"I am looking forward to applying these tools in my business. "

Paula Tin Nyo
Miami Global Realty, Inc.
Miami, FL US

"Great marketing content. "

Juan Garcia
Fortune International Realty
Miami, FL US

"One of the best courses I have taken in the last 18 years. "

Brenda Bichili
Cervera Real Estate, Inc
Miami, FL US

"What did I like most? All of it."

Guadalupe Asprino
Avanti Way Realty
Miami, FL US

"I found most useful is the language. "

Ramona Bautista
The Keyes Company
Weston, FL US

"Thank you for teaching me how to virtually stage and a benefit to use it! "

Antonia Buxo
Florida Realty of Miami
Miami, FL US

"I loved everything this course contained. "

Michael Crocchiola
Keller Williams
Miami, FL US

"Very helpful course! "

Kelby Contreras
La Rosa Realty
Davie, FL US

"Great techniques for working with the affluent."

Ileana Umpierre
Miami Premium Group
Miami, FL US

"What a motivational course!"

David Roman
Weichert Best Beach Realty
Sunny Isles Beach, FL US

"The overall content and experience is amazing. "

Monica Zarbaf
The Keyes Company
Miami, FL US

"I really liked learning new terminology. "

Carrie Doan
EWM Realty International
Miami, FL US

"These ideas are so applicable in our industry. "

Rosario Diaz
Grand Realty of America
Miami Beach, FL US

"Great training."

Andrea Castelli
Weichert Best Beach RE
Miami, FL US

"New ideas, new tools, and a new me! "

Andrea Castelli
Weichert Best Beach RE
Miami, FL US

"Thank you for all this great and innovative data!"

Javier Olmedo
Keller Williams Premiere
Miami, FL US

"What fabulous tools and resources! "

Delia Abreu
Keller Williams Premier Realty
Coral Gables, FL US
May 4-5 2015 Austin TX

"New and relevant ideas since the last time I took the course several years ago. This course and Tami are fantastic. "

Heather Harlan-Brown
RE/MAX Austin Skyline
Austin, TX US

"So many great ideas!"

Monique Bordelon
RE/MAX Preferred
San Antonio, TX US

"Great marketing tips, great systems, great ideas, and Tami is a good presenter."

Sheri Mitchell
Realty Austin
Austin, TX US

"Great course! "

Guy Oberg
Oberg Properties
Austin, TX US

"Loved the quality and pace of the information. Very helpful and looking forward to putting it all to use!"

Barbara Rankin
Cornerstone Real Estate Company, LLC
Breckenridge, CO US

"Tami is an excellent instructor with a gift for story telling to illustrate her point. "

Dru Mims
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
Houston, TX US

"Excellent course, loved it!"

Tex Tubbs
Keller Williams Realty
Austin, TX US

"Learning in a fun environment. Great stories make it easy to remember facts and ideas. "

Roly Weaver
Keller Williams Realty
Austin, TX US

"The class has provided me with great ideas that give confidence to go and consult with high-end sellers and buyers."

Sharmila Mehta
Keller Williams Realty
Austin, TX US

"There was a message with a strong commitment to quality. Tami offers great energy and enthusiasm! "

Jeff Nazzaro
House & Home Realty
Austin, TX US

"Some great marketing ideas! "

Randee Hainline
Keller Williams Realty
Austin, TX US

"Quality of materials and information represents The Institute wonderfully well and shows the benefits of being a member of The Institute. Lots of ideas to implement. "

Janette Friend-Harrington
eXp Realty.LLC
Austin, TX US

"Most informative course with a very knowledgeable instructor!"

Sylvia Lopez
3D Realty & Property Management
San Antonio , TX US

"Fabulous content, excellent instructor. I should have taken this class years ago. Thanks for the self confidence. "

Christy Dileo
Engel & Völkers Austin
Houston, TX US

"Good real world examples."

Brad Emerson
Keller Williams Realty
Austin, TX US

"Tami has great energy and kept her audience engaged over the course of two days She is a fabulous instructor! "

Julie Waidelich
Nest Properties Austin
Austin, TX US

"Useful information in the course. It inspired me to think about new ideas. This course was memorable with a WOW factor!"

Pam Rabon
Rabon Properties
Austin , TX US

"I appreciate the creative ideas to set yourself apart, backed up with statistics. Tami was a great instructor, with an effective and passionate teaching style, and great stories. Thank you! "

Marissa Mireur
Engel & Volkers
Austin, TX US

"Many great ideas to take away from this course! "

Ruhina Ahmed
Keller Williams Realty
Sugar Land, TX US
May 4-5 2015 Toronto ON

"This course was eye opening!"

Agnes Chaitas
Royal LePage Terrequity
Toronto, ON US

"What a productive course. "

Lakov Kravtchenko
Royal LePage Terrequity Realty
Toronto, ON US

"Thank you for all the ideas!"

Catharine Spencer-Inniss
Royal LePage Lakes of Muskoka Brokerage Inc.
Gravenhurst, ON US

"This was fabulous and informative! "

Betsy Wolfenden
Royal LePage Your Commun
Richmond Hill, ON US

"Incredible training course."

Taylor Cameron
Sotheby's International Realty Canada
Toronto, ON US

"What I liked best about the program was the networking and ideas!"

Farrell Macdonald
Royal LePage Terrequity Realty
Toronto, ON US

"Wonderful ideas to apply today!"

Jillian Hann
Royal LePage Atlantic
Halifax, NS US

"Thank you for teaching me how to stand out in the industry"

Joel Faris
Royal LePage First Contact Realty
Barrie, ON US

"I liked learning the terminology to use with clientele. "

Ania Koziorowski
Royal LePage First Contact Realty
Barrie, ON US

"I gathered many great nuggets of information and content."

Mimi Keenan
Royal LePage Meadowtowne
Georgetown, ON US

"I took away many new marketing srategies!"

Rosana Russo
Royal LePage Connect Realty Ltd. Brokerage
Whitby, ON US

"I really liked all the marketing tools! "

Courtney Dumond
Royal LePage First Contact Realty
Barrie, ON US

"This was eye opening! "

Agnes Chaitas
Royal LePage Terrequity
Toronto, ON US

"So much to take away!"

Nancy Lorimer
Royal LePage Burloak
Burlington, ON US

"A ton of new innovative ideas."

Fran Allen
Royal LePage Frank Real Estate
Peterborough, ON US

"Brilliant ideas!"

Katrina Stone
Lakeridge Property International Brokerage.
Ennismore, ON US

"So many practical methods to use."

Katrina Stone
Lakeridge Property International Brokerage.
Ennismore, ON US

"So many different ideas!"

Wendy Edwards
Royal LePage RCR
Orangeville, ON US

"Exceptional delivery and real examples. This course is wonderful!"

Iwona Ward
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Broker
Toronto, ON US

"I loved everything! "

Gabrielle Brunnhuber
Royal LePage West Realty Group Ltd Brokerage
Toronto, ON US

"I like that I am able to use these ideas right away. "

Mary Crawford
Royal LePage Terrequity Realty
Toronto , ON US

"I found the market reports to be so helpful! "

Mark Faris
Royal LePage First Contact Realty
Barrie, ON US

"Inspiring ideas! "

Angiline Dubien
Royal LePage Locations North, Brokerage
Collingwood, ON US

"Excellent training course! "

John Ayoub
Royal LePage Your Community Realty
Richmond Hill, ON US

"Lifestyles and listings go hand in hand! "

Sam Tassone
Royal LePage West
Toronto, ON US

"Great opportunity to change my verbage. "

Kyungsik Won
Royal Lepage Terrequity Realty
Mississauga, ON US

"It was good to get fresh ideas and a new approach to introduce to my business. I've taken many great ideas & can't wait to take what I have learned to my real estate team."

Joe Rea
Royal LePage Your Community Realty, Brokerage
Vaughan, ON US

"Thank you for all the marketing information. "

Jesse Dhaliwal
Royal LePage Your Community Realty, Brokerage
Vaughan, ON US

"The Institute has the best benefits for Members! "

Sean Baker
Royal LePage Royal City Realty, Brokerage
Guelph, ON US

"A wonderful course! "

Ken Ellis
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd
Toronto, ON US

"I appreciated the new concepts and ideas. "

Jen Dumitrescu
Sage Real Estate
Toronto, ON US

"Prospecting by using customized list and targeting groups by amenities was very useful to me."

Peter Howell
Royal LePage Real Estate Services, Ltd.
Mississauga, ON US

"This course is almost too informative!"

Louise Sabino
Royal LePage Signature Realty, Brokerage
Toronto, ON US

"Great data. Great course."

Stewart McNeely
Royal LePage Real Quest Realty Ltd.
Orilla, ON US

"Simple yet powerful! "

Sunny Singh
Royal LePage Elite Realty
Mississauga, ON US

"I have been waiting to attend this course for years! "

Nancy Carreiro
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.
Oakville, ON US

"Presented wonderfully."

Beth Rezoski
Royal LePage Binder Real Estate
Windsor, ON US

"I liked the specific content."

Elaine Mok
Royal LePage Terrequity Platinum Realty
Toronto, ON US

"This course has too many great things to list. "

Susan Taylor
Royal LePage Real Estate Services, Ltd.
Mississauga, ON US

"Converting negatives to positives is the most useful portion of this course. "

Lucky Sarangi
Royal LePage Premium One Realty
Vaughen, ON US

"Very well summarized information!"

Tom Tischler
Royal LePage Credit Valley
Brampton, ON US

"These are such effective marketing tools! "

Andres Paara
Royal Lepage Locations North
Thornbury, ON US

"Loved the CLHMS course!"

Anita Hearn
Royal LePage Locations North, Collingwood
Collingwood, ON US

"Real time information for Members is so great! "

Deborah Cardiff
Royal LePage Wolle Realty
Kitchener, ON US

"New perspectives to the affluent! "

Mardy Van Beest
Royal LePage Locations North
Collingwood, ON US

"Marketing is story telling, thank you for sharing this with me! "

Kim Kunselman
Royal LePage Niagara Real Estate, Brokerage
St. Catharines, ON US

"I love the new tools and ideas. "

Kimmé Myles
Royal LePage Johnston and Daniel
Toronto, ON US

"Great strategies and tools for my business... "

Sam Aiello
Royal LePage Premium One Realty
Vaughan, ON US

"I love that we have access to WealthEngine. "

Kelly Brasil
Royal LePage Signature Realty
Toronto, ON US
April 22-23 2015 West Palm Beach FL

"As an luxury market broker, I enjoyed the course as a refreshment, and heard some new ideas. Loved the instructor Tami, she made the learning the information exciting! "

Maria Kafetzis
Douglas Elliman Real Estate
Plainview, NY US

"There were so many new ideas, and information! I am looking forward to putting many of those to work. Best course I have ever taken!"

Debbie Weller
The Weller Team @ eXp Realty
Ormond Beach, FL US

"Reinforcement of current practices, and some good ideas for refining those practices. Thanks!"


"Tami explains everything to fully understand the many important tips I learned during the course, and will keep in mind for the rest of my career. "

Diane O'Leary - Woolfson, P.A.
The Keyes Company
Boynton Beach, FL US

"Tami is a dynamic, knowledgeable presenter. She has a very nuts and bolts approach to marketing luxury real estate. Amazingly great information! The course was excellent, and I will be recommending to all my colleagues. "

Rhona Campton
Signature International Real Estate
Boca Raton, FL US

"I enjoyed the entire two day program."

Andrew Szaniszlo
RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty
Port Saint Lucie, FL US

"Tami was a great speaker! She was extremely knowledgeable, and expressive."

Barbara Smith
Keller Williams Realty
Stuart, FL US

"The marketing and the elevated vocabulary terms will be useful. I have been to several training courses as a new agent, and feel highly confident in my approach to my future luxury clients. The trainers were just as amazing as the content, you won't fall asleep!"

Patrick Harris
Douglas Elliman
Palm Beach Gardens, FL US

"I loved all the information!"

Julie Montesano
Keller Williams Real Estate
Wellington, FL US

"There is definitely so many points that we can use in our business. The course opened my eyes on how to market my business on the professional luxury level. Thank you!"

Alexandra Gonzalez
Keller Willians

"The marketing ideas and tools presented in the class were very useful, and now as a Member having access to those tools is a great asset. As well as learning a fresh understanding of the upper-tier clientele. "

Suzette Hernandez
Sotheby's International Realty
Boca Raton, FL US

"I will require that all my agents complete this fabulous course. "

Jesse Kearney
Kearney & Associates Realty
Wellington, FL US

"Thanks so much for an informative and comprehensive program."

Renee Hasak
Engel & Voelkers - Wellington
Wellington, FL US

"Unique ideas to stand out above the crowd. Be competent and confident. Tami made the training fun and interesting. I was engaged the entire time. She clearly delivered the material and had great stories. "

Karen Corrigan
Illustrated Properties
Wellington, FL US

"Great ideas that I can use in all areas of my business."

Kathy Casaine
April 16-17 2015 Dallas TX

"I highly recommend this course! "

Alfredo Esparza
RE/MAX DFW Associates
Frisco, TX US

"The information I gained in 2 days was priceless! "

Trisa Fischer
RE/MAX DFW Associates
Frisco, TX US

"I liked the suggestions on advertising in websites. "

Pam Tucker
Coldwell Banker Jim Stewart, REALTORS
Waco, TX US

"What I liked best was the info on the market now and the affluent. "

Victorya Rogers
Keller Williams Realty
Southlake, TX US

"Thank you! I enjoyed every minute of the class, and learned so much. I can't wait to put my new knowledge to work!"

Dotty Ponder
Keller Williams
Southlake, TX US

"I liked the importance of the market update report. "

Lyn Thomas
Keller Williams - Allen
Allen, TX US

"I found most useful is the different approach."

Jennifer Viner
RE/MAX Pinnacle Group
Arlington, TX US

"Very informative course, and definitely worth the trip! "

Whitney Walden
McDougal Realtors
Lubbock, TX US

"What I found most useful was the importance of telling a story. Isn't that what marketing is afterall?"

Laura MacDonald-Garafola
Keller Williams Southlake
Southlake, TX US

"The information is extremely interesting! "

Tina Crisp
EXIT Realty Elite
Plano, TX US

"The course has tons of great creative and useful ideas. I look forward to implementing the new knowledge I acquired for this course. "

Aundrea Pilant-Whalen
RE/MAX DFW Associates
Plano, TX US

"This course was so very helpful and in depth."

Wendy Hulkowich
RE/MAX DFW Associates
Plano, TX US

"Awakening information on the luxury market!"

David Kim
RE/MAX DFW Associates
Carrollton, TX US

"This training is amazing."

Dina Lima
Ultima Real Estate
Dallas, TX US

"I am excited to implement the many new ideas I learned into my business!"

Jimmy Nguyen
Keller Williams Realty
Dallas, TX US

"I enjoyed all the information this course presented."

Anthony Shelton
Keller Williams DFW Southlake
Southlake , TX US


Karina Tobar-Cassell
TEXAS Investment Real Estate Group
Arlington, TX US
March 24-25 2015 Sarasota FL

"The most useful part of the program: rewording and learining how to create unique marketing pieces."

Cliff Roe
Roe Realty, Inc
Seminole, FL US

"I feel recharged to achieve my business goals in the Luxury segment of the marketplace! "


"The "HOW TO's" were so useful. The minute we became realtors, we are told 'go out and sell' and this class actually tells you how. What a concept!"

Jeannie McDermott
Premier Sotheby's International Realty
Sarasota,, FL US

"Great examples of real world success principles! "

Allen Conrad
RE/MAX Alliance Group
Sarasota, FL US

"Phenominal job. I learned so much from this course. Definitely worth it! "

Shea Thomas
White Sands Realty Group
Sarasota, FL US

"Great bargain! Loved it! "

Vickie Smalls
Suncoast Florida Realty

"The absolute most effective and efficient investment in my career! A great value! "

Michael Martino
Keller Williams On The Water Sarasota
Sarasota, FL US

"Great advice on new tools to work with! "

Julyun Kim
Coldwell Banker
Sarasota, FL US

"Excellent training! This allowed me to learn new techniques for luxury marketing."

Constantine Stratos
RE/MAX Alliance Group
Sarasota, FL US

"Excellent! 5 STARS! "

Kristie Desantis
Keller Williams
Sarasota, FL US

"Amazing content delivered with perfection! "

Teresa Gorji
Keller Williams Realty Select
Lakewood Ranch, FL US

"The content in the course is so knowledgeable and the style is great. "

Jerry Niznik
Keller Williams Realty
Bradenton, FL US

"The teaching methods made the class easy to listen to and gave us a multitude of ideas to work with. "

Jane Mendola
RE/MAX Palm Realty
Venice, FL US

"Content was excellent and amazingly experienced instructor. I loved the real life experiences for marketing. "

Manda Jordan
Keller Williams Realty Select
Lakewood Ranch, FL US

"Thank you! The course was very helpful. So many suggestions and stories to market my business."

Peggy Olson
Premier Sotheby's International Realty
Venice, FL US

"This program is loaded with great information and was presented professionally and enthusiastically."

Ralph Iorio
RE/MAX Achieve Realty
Marco Island, FL US

"Best part of the program? Principle of Sacrifice."

Mitch Mesenburg
Michael Saunders & Company Englewood
Englewood, FL US

"This course was very informative and I enjoyed it very much. "


"The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing's website... THE BEST PART OF THE COURSE. Plus, the instructor was awesome! "

A.Andre Spalvins
Andrews & Associates Realty Inc.
Sarasota, FL US
March 19-20 2015 Annapolis MD

"Awesome information, great energy, and very useful tips! "

Syreeta Saunders-Keys
Keller Williams Realty Centre
Columbia, MD US

"Thank you for all the information presented. It was very valuable! "

Linda Lizzio
Long & Foster | Christie's International
Annapolis, MD US

"Great advertising and marketing ideas! "

Williams Shank
Keller Williams
Hagertown, MD US

"I left with at least one new idea! The information presented was excellent! "

Susan Fitzpatrick
Long and Foster
Bethesda, MD US

"I found the marketing techniques the most useful. "

Lynn Finckel
RE/MAX Components
Timonium, MD US

"Outstanding training! The ideas and resources are wonderful."

Erik Grooms
Exit Spivey Professional Realty
Ellicott City, MD US

"Learning the language of Luxury, many marketing techniques, and meeting the instructors! Best part of the program!"

Aileen Yambo
Keller Williams Realty Group
Scarsdale, NY US

"Great class, looking foward to using these matericals to help assist me in reaching my potential and growing within the Luxury market."

Abby Cobb
Keller Williams Excellence
Timonium, MD US

"Very interesting content. Great networking. "

Linda Burke
RE/MAX Main St. Realty
Moorestown, NJ US

"Bill Hensley has great audience participation. He is valued. "

Annapolis, MD US

"Great refresher. 3rd time! "

Chaunya Blackwell
RE/MAX Prestige
Washington, DC US

"I loved it all! I really liked the three tierd marketing ideas! "

Mary Llewellyn
Keller Williams Premier Realty
Hagerstown, MD US

"Extremely engaging! All material covered realated to how to be an effective and succesfful agent!"

Juanita Matthews
eXp Realty, LLC
Columbia, MD US

"So many new idea to incorporate into marketing!"

Deborah Laggini
Long and Foster
Annapolis, MD US

"Energizing! The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing gave me the opportunity to hone my skills. "

Bev Macgowan
Long & Foster Real Estate
Annapolis, MD US

"The course was enthusiastic, engaging, and absolutlely fantastic."

Clara Roman
Keller Williams Realty Group
Scarsdale, NY US

"The terminology is great! "

Viola Taliaferrow
Keller Williams Realty Group
Scarsdale, NY US

"As an agent that is new to luxury properties, this course has definitely helped me overcome my fear of entering this upper tier market!"

Leisel Taylor
Keller Williams Preferred Properties
Upper Marlboro, MD US

"The marketing ideas were really great! "

Kim Kaye
Keller Williams American Premier Realty
Bel Air, MD US

"I have already made 16 "to-do's" to refire my marketing. This was extremely valuable."

Megan Luker
RE/MAX Alliance
Virginia Beach, VA US

"I enjoyed this class and learned a lot of good idea to implement in my listings! "

Carla Moore
Exit Realty Associates
Lorton, VA US

"I thoroughly enjoed this class and everyone was totally professional. I learned many techniques to start my Luxury career! "


"I learned a tremendous amount of information to jump start my business starting in luxury sales! "

Jackie Heyman
Long and Foster
Lutherville, MD US

"The energy! Absolutely knowledgable information!"

Mitch Curtis
Keller Williams
Arlington, VA US

"Thank you! Ran very smooth. I will use this information to tackle my listings. Why didn't I think of this stuff?"

Amanda Saraceno
Keller Williams Realty
Scarsdale, NJ US

"Too many great things to list! "

Melanie Montague
Keller Williams Select Realtors
Annapolis, MD US

"The new perspective of luxury compared to standard... Great ideas! "

Andrew Goods
RE/MAX Sky Real Estate
Washington, DC US

"I learned many new marketing ideas... Innovative ideas. "


"Gives many ideas for specific things for a property and alternatives to the "norm" in all areas"

Ruth Lecy
RE/MAX Advantage Plus
Minnetonka, MN US
March 19-20 2015 Minneapolis MN

"I appreciated all the marketing ideas! "

Robin Gwaltney
RE/MAX Results
Rochester, MN US

"Tami is an excellent instructor and very good at presenting. Great marketing ideas! "


"Fabulous examples of marketing techniques! "

Mara Mayberry
RE/MAX Results
Woodbury, MN US

"Great benefits through the membership."


"All of the information on marketing was useful! "

Christina Gottlieb
RE/MAX Results
Shoreview, MN US

"Tami was so knowledgeable! Too many great things to list!!"

Maisa Olson
Keller Williams Integrity Realty
Roseville, MN US

"New ideas and realization to evaluate my business practice!"

Nemat Janetkhan
RE/MAX Advantage Plus
Minnetonka, MN US

"I cannot wait to employ the marketing techniques I learned! "

Henry Morimoto
RE/MAX Results
Eden Prairie, MN US

"Fabulous marketing ideas! "

Gail Decourt
RE/MAX Advantage Plus
Minnetonka, MN US

"Tami was excellent! "


"It lit a fire under me to prospect business leaders, media, and market update report and do it consistently. "

Kimberly Efta
RE/MAX Grand
Grand Forks, ND US

"Great ideas to use! "

Nicole Johnsrud
RE/MAX Advantage Plus
Minnetonka, MN US

"This is very modern 21st century thinking about the needs and wants of the affluent. "

Dennis Libby
RE/MAX Results
Wayzata, MN US

"This course was especially interesting from the trends to behaviors of wealthy to the different types of wealthy! "


"Loved Tami! Great class! "

Gina Dumas
RE/MAX Results
Plymouth, MN US

"Tami was upbeat and the delivery of the material was amazing! "


"I really enjoyed Tami and the class! "