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What do Clients Say?

Trying to sell a house in any market has the potential to be stressful and frenzied. However, working with a highly capable and extremely knowledgeable team brings order and insight to an otherwise chaotic experience. Loretta and her team were amazing! I truly felt important to each of the team members, from the professional photos, floor plans and a wonderful write up on my property. There was nothing left out and it all happened over night. I was impressed by the practical decisions that Loretta made in preparing my house for the market... And then there are all the extras - the little things they do to make the experience as painless and easy as possible. Mary Shanks, Nancy Cormack, Catherine Bourelle and Michael Phinney were all amazing people at all times. Congratulations on your continued success, Loretta you have been a true inspiration to me. I love my new home.


Hi Loretta - we met briefly last week while you were covering for Julia in Burlington, as I am sure you are aware, we got the house. I wanted to pass along this thank you note to make sure you have visibility to our thorough appreciation of Julia and how she represented both us as her clients, and also your team.In the final hours, her creativity and professionalism were a difference maker in our being able to present an offer and close quickly. Thank you for your support, it has been a pleasure working with your team.

Steve & Jess

Hi Loretta, I wholeheartedly agree with Phil! Thank you so much for your help and hard work. We can't wait to move in to our new home. All the best, JulieThank you Loretta. Thanks for all your patience and hard work. Julie and I are thrilled about our new house. Phil H

Julie & Phil

Hi LorettaWe are most impressed with your book. We love the pictures and your description. You really show the house in its best light!Much appreciated!


Hi Loretta, We just saw the 2 page spread in today's G&M, showing you at No. 1 in the National Chairman's Club for 2013.Well deserved congratulations! It was a pleasure working with you last year to sell our home - small potatoes compared to many of your listings, but you were always there for us and we had a few laughs too. All the best for 2014,

Mary & Alan

About Loretta

Itwas an intense focus on her goals that helped Loretta Phinney become a topRealtor. Even as she sensed that the business of real estate was for her, hervision took some time to materialize. With two small children at home, Lorettadecided to first attend Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, beforecommitting to her dream profession.

Later,with her degree in hand, the family moved to Toronto in 1972 when Ron Phinneywas transferred. With the two girls, Kimberly and Tammy then aged 10 and11, they completed the family with Allison and Michael born just 14 monthsapart. Even with the demands that come with four young children, Loretta'sinterest in real estate had not waned. Indeed, she was becoming knownamong her friends as having an intuition for it.

Withher confidence growing, she expressed her interest in beginning a careerin real estate to a man at her church, who was somewhat less encouraging. Heremarked that because of ther shy demeanor, he didn't think she would beagressive enough. "We laugh about it now, and he often uses the exampleto demonstrate how you can't always read what's in someone's heart whenthey have a love for something." So it was, in 1985, with great resolveand enthusiasm, that Loretta realized her dream to become a Realtor withKingsway National Real Estate brokerage in Mississauga, Ontario.

Loretta'smove to Royal LePage took place in 1994, after the Royal LePage Clarkson officerecruited her to their ranks; she was by then a successful and productiveagent. The process was set in motion when Loretta stopped into the officeto pick up a key for a home. "When I introduced myself to the branchmanager, she remarked, 'Loretta! What could we ever to get you?'" Lorettawas ready for a move and ultimately made the choice between Royal LePage andRE/MAX. "The integrity was there, and I just felt RoyalLePage's structure and corporate support was a comfortable fit for me,"adding her mind was largely made up in her living room in consult with herhusband, Ron, and toop executives from Royal LePage head office who came to winher over.

Asone of seven children growing up in the mining town of Springhill, Nova Scotia,Loretta has carried with her throughout her career the values and tremendousenergy that is often evident within large families. Her marriage to Ron,which marked 49 years in 2014, has been an integral part of her businesssuccess, building on those early entrenched working family values. Her 14member team includes husband Ron, daughter Kimberly and son Michael. “It takesan enormous amount of hours to do the volume of work we do, but we all worktogether and we all work very hard. Loretta notes, “I don’t count the hoursbecause I am enjoying it. For me, it’s not a job – it’s a passion and a veryenjoyable career.”

Whenasked about the key to her success, Loretta replies, “I try to do things ascarefully and honestly as I can and to give people the right advise.” She addsthat clients know she’s very hands-on and will work diligently to deliverresults for them.

Lorettaoften shares with clients a valuable insight on real estate investment, passedalong from her first broker at Kingsway National, to invest in real estate atthe core. She explains, “Real estate is like your body – your body stays warmerat the core, it’s the last to cool off and the quickest to warm up. Conversely,the extremities – fingers and toes – the farthest from the core are the firstto cool off and the last to warm up. Therefore, I tell clients that if you wantto invest in real estate, invest as close to the centre of a major city aspossible.”

Loretta’sguidance and caring for clients has obviously contributed to her consistent topplacement in the Royal LePage National Chairman’s Club, having secured thenumber one agent spot multiple times in her career and placed among the top 10agents in Canada every year since 1994. In 2012, Loretta’s team ranked first insales performance yet again, and earned the distinction of being the all-timerecord holder in sales for one year in the 100-year history of Royal LePage.They were also number one in 2013, marking the seventh time out of the last tenyears in the top spot.