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Markets Served: Boca Raton, Florida;Miami, Florida;Fort Lauderdale, Florida;Palm Beach, Florida;

What do Clients Say?

Scott Fisher, 2018 - When we were relocating to Fort Lauderdale and trying to find a rental, Fort Lauderdale Realtor, Tony was amazing in assisting us in the difficult process. He found us a great place and even got us a reduction on rent! Other agents told us it would be difficult to rent since we both left our jobs after selling our house and to not rent and just buy another house which we didn't want to do before getting to know the neighborhoods. As a Realtor, Tony really went to bat for us, and continues to as we look for a new home purchase!


Andrew McMenimen, 2018 - Tony was our Realtor in the purchase of land in St. Petersburg. His knowledge and expertise throughout the transaction allowed us to successfully close on a vacant lot where we are now building our home. We cannot thank Tony enough for his expertise as our Realtor.


Oscar LoPolito, 2018 - Tony represented us in a land purchase contact in St. Petersburg in 2013. We couldn't have been more happy with his professional services as a Realtor.


Crystall Profitt,  2017, (Verified by Realtor.com) Where can I start? Fort Lauderdale Realtor, Tony Smith has provided the best service any homebuyer can ask for. I am a Real Estate agent and did not have the time put into the leg work, and I got 100% loyalty and Time and I was well informed of the process etc. Tony was proactive and prepared! He went above and beyond. I only wish that more Realtors can take suite! Thank You Tony!


About Tony

Fort Lauderdale Realtors typically represent the Seller in the marketing and sale of their home. Fort Lauderdale Realtor, Tony Smith is an exclusive buyer's agent specializing in Fort Lauderdale homes for sale on the MLS. Tony also specializes as a relocation agent when home buyers moving to Fort Lauderdale require the expertise of an exclusive buyer's agent. Fort Lauderdale Realtor, Tony Smith also specializes in Fort Lauderdale beachfront condos for sale and Fort Lauderdale oceanfront condos for rent where many condos in Fort Lauderdale feature beachfront access or are oceanfront.