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What do Clients Say?

Our family has only the highest praise for Fred DeFalco. He has served as our realtor on three separate occasions, and each one was an efficient, cost-effective and thoroughly delightful experience. He is consistent, when buying he negotiated an excellent price, when selling it was at a higher price than we had imagined possible and secured a buyer within a week. His selling process was hassle-free, despite extensive negotiations that were required after damages to the house were caused by a storm. Fred was one of the first people we met in South Florida, and one of the last to wish us “Farewell” when we left. He ushered us in and out of South Florida with grace, charm and finesse.

Eric & Lisa B.

Over the years Mr. DeFalco has dealt with us on multiple real estate transactions. He was innovative in his approach in our purchasing two different high-end properties and the sale of two others. He was honest, reliable and respectful of all parties. He has been our real estate resource and asset since relocating to South Florida. We have bought and sold a lot of different properties in our lifetime, our experience with Fred DeFalco as our broker has been the most pleasant and productive.

Stefan M.

After 20 plus years of building many communities. We hired Fred DeFalco on numerous occasions during the winding down process of our marketing centers in four different communities to sell the remaining inventory. With thousands of choices of agents, we chose Fred DeFalco to handle our listings because of his creativity, strategies, and process. These homes ranged in price from $350,000 to $5,150,000. Each sale was handled in a timely manner and at a price our own staff was astounded with. One occasion on a $1.7 Million model home his Public Pricing System only produced two offers during a very difficult market time. One for $450,000 and the other $750,000. Fred DeFalco managed to get that transaction sold and closed in 60 days at $1,420,000 to the $750,000 prospect. To this day, I only know one broker who could do that, his name is Fred DeFalco.

Ken E.

As an attorney practicing for 25 plus years I had sold a couple of my properties as a For Sale By Owner, I thought and felt successfully. When I advertised one particular property (my own residence) as a For Sale By Owner Fred DeFalco called on me with his infamous For Sale By Owner program and his “no cost to me” pitch. As an attorney I met with him suspecting to catch him in a gimmick and misrepresentations. After I met him and saw the integrity of the program and his sincerity it resulted in me using the program. It worked but I could not get the price I wanted. I gave Fred DeFalco the listing and he got me 10% more than I was asking on my own. Since that time Fred DeFalco has handled all my family and client’s real estate transactions and business.

Lise M.

When I was ready to sell my luxury waterfront home in Jupiter Fl, I met with many of the agents who called themselves the waterfront experts. Many very high-volume producers. I wanted to have it sold, closed and relocated ASAP, maximum in four months. All the specialist / brokers I met with could not give me a reasonable answer why many fine waterfront homes were still on the market after 180 plus days, some longer than a year. Also, when it came to a specific pricing of my property, they all came with computerized statistics, but the prices were all over the radar. When I met with Fred DeFalco, he was the only one who could and would promise me a specific time frame and specific price range. Sixty-Two days later I was at a closing for both the house I was selling and the house I was buying, thank you Fred DeFalco.

Barbara G.

About Fred

With 42 + Years and 5 billion dollars in experience, Fred's approach is refined. He offers an extensive and premeditated approach to real estate strategy that is rehearsed on a daily basis. His strategies are more than just advertising, marketing and a for sale sign. You have heard the old adage "Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way"... well, he goes beyond that. He rewrote the real estate marketing books.

His unique process positions your real estate for a sustainable and competitive marketing advantage with measurable results. He specializes in a real estate discipline that differentiates him from everyone else. He refuses to practice his profession with the worn out real estate marketing techniques and tired theory of yesteryear. He is instinctive and intuitive in his approach to achieve the seller's objective in every transaction.

His strategy is never adversarial in nature; he always represent the facts in each transaction and provides a conduit for a smooth transaction between all parties. His marketing approach to every situation is based on intuitive and perceptive analysis. After a thorough exploration of all options and marketing opportunities he will make the appropriate commitments to the highest yielding marketing mediums available; locally, nationally and internationally.

His system and approach to real estate marketing is a thermostat versus a thermometer, his focus is on control of the influences rather than a reaction to a failure of a market place response. He starts every assignment out with the same two questions "What is the real objective of the customer? How he will achieve those objectives?"

He always add value to our assignments and transactions by the proper mix of activities to differentiate the particular product and/or (the actual buyer or seller) entrusted to us, our strategy is about competitive positioning, for luxury home sellers and buyers.