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About Robin Scrimger

Coldwell Banker Oceanside Real Estate
3194 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8Z3K6, CA

Tel: 250-383-1500
Cell: 250-580-6355

Markets Served: Victoria, BC;Sooke, British Columbia, Canada;Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada;Cadboro Bay, British Columbia, Canada;

What do Clients Say?

I sometimes wonder where I’d be if Robin hadn’t helped me buy my house in late 2019. It’s a depressing thought because I know I’d have found myself effectively priced out of a soon-to-be surging market. But things didn’t unfold that way—and the credit goes entirely to Robin. Robin set me up on a search earlier in the year and though I wasn’t yet ready to buy, it was useful for us to track and discuss listings in my target area. I wanted a ‘project’ close to my daughter’s school—and Robin found it. The house had been sitting quietly for about three months but real estate in Victoria, being the feast-or-famine animal it is, meant that multiple interested buyers were suddenly at the table at precisely the same time as me. Robin’s words: “We have to move on this…right now.” He quickly arranged a showing and in we went. One viewing was all it took for us to know that it hit all of my criteria. “We’re writing on this tonight. I’m going to get it for you before anyone else moves on it,” he assured me. The process was quick, as it needed to be, but throughout, Robin also remained cool and measured. He was crisp and clear both with me and the selling agent, navigating the negotiations like the most stalwart of veterans. Spending time around Robin and watching him in action, I believe that his communication abilities are, without question, as strong as I’ve seen from anyone I’ve dealt with in either real estate or the professional communities within which I have worked. Moreover, he CARES—he truly cares. As a family man and ‘real person’, he understands what’s at stake for those buying and selling, so he won’t recklessly play with money you can’t afford to lose. In the end, I got the house—the one that was perfect for me. Robin proved to me how important it is to have the right agent. This one person can potentially change lives and entire futures. I’m glad I chose well.

Nicki C - Oak Bay, B.C. - Google Business Page

I met Robin by chance when he called me after I responded to one of his online listings. My online search for a house was somewhat premature but Robin maintained a relationship with me for well over a year by continuing to reach out every few months or so if a house came up he thought we might be interested in. We decided this last year to finally take the leap to sell our current home in order to look at purchasing a new home for our growing family. Robin started to work with us right away, lining up any property we were interested in seeing. We must have looked at over 50 houses.... and each time I called, Robin was eager and very willing to set up a viewing get us in right away. A fantastic marketing package and online presence was created for our current property and the showings started right away. We received top dollar for our home. Robin was able to handle all the loose ends and the whole process was seamless. Finding the right new home to purchase took more time though as we had a very specific want/need list for the property in a small geographic area. We were not the ideal clients for that reason but Robin was incredibly patient with us and continued to come up with new ideas. It had been months of looking and every time I called to set up a viewing he responded keenly and quickly. Robin knew how important this move was for us and made it a huge priority to find exactly what we were looking for. In the end Robin was able to find us the perfect property which hadn’t even hit the market. He had the inside track through a mutual agent. I still remember the call, ."..I found your house... I can't get you in just quite yet, but it's the one!". A week and a half later we had purchased our dream home - it was exactly what we had been searching for. Robin is extremely reliable, thorough and thoughtful. He is professional, knowledgeable and well connected but at the same time down to earth and very personable. You can really tell he loves what he does! Working with Robin has been such a great experience and we highly recommend him. We are forever grateful to you Robin!

Jamie D & Jesse G - Oak Bay, B.C. - Google Business Page

Robin is one of the most authentic, trustworthy, considerate and thoughtful people I know, let alone a wonderful realtor. Robin helped me on the road to buying my first home. This could have been a daunting experience, but Robin not only made it a thoroughly enjoyable one, but I also felt very respected and considered during the entire process. I knew that Robin genuinely wanted the best for us and always had our best interests at heart. My parents were involved in the buying process as well and our entire family just fell in love with Robin!! My Dad, who normally isn't a big fan of realtors, absolutely raves about Robin and has recommended him to friends and family as well. That's saying something!! I would recommend Robin a thousand times over and we plan to continue having him as our realtor as we look to purchase property again in the future.

Marlie P. - Fairfield B.C. - Google Business Page

We worked with Robin Scrimger multiple times throughout the past few years. Robin really went above and beyond for us and we are very thankful. He is always available and genuinely wants to find the perfect home for his clients. We would highly recommend him, and we truly appreciate his honesty and professionalism while keeping the process fun and enjoyable!

Cynthia G. & Robin P. - 10 Mile Point B.C. - Google Business Page

Robin consistently and patiently listened to our wish list and exposed us to a wealth of opportunities that culminated in the perfect house for us. He acted quickly and tenaciously when we asked him to pursue an opportunity and undertook expert research for every query. He was always respectful of our sometimes relatively outrageous requests and always came through for us professionally and graciously. Robin is a delight to work with, and to associate with.

Jeremy Sturgess - Sturgess Architecture - Oak Bay B.C. - Google Business Page

About Robin

Robin is an award-winning Victoria, BC realtor. His comprehensive knowledge of the island market enables him to confidently represent a diversity of clients, whatever their specific needs may dictate. From waterfront and single-family residences, to raw land and acreages, to condos, townhomes and commercial properties, Robin’s property comfort zone is as boundless as his dedication to the clients he represents. 

Since relocating to Victoria in 2015, Robin has successfully navigated a multitude of transactions for buyers and sellers alike. Much of his exceptional track record traces back to his roots in business, executive sales and management, honed over two decades in Calgary and Vancouver. But more than that, Robin genuinely loves working with people; his commitment to his clients and strong relationships with his industry peers are the pillars on which his success firmly rests. One need only Google his name to see the abundance of accolades serving as a testament to his dedication, skill and ethical approach to his profession.

Born in Calgary, Robin spent time working in the ski industry and travelling the world in his 20s. He holds a deep appreciation for the climate, lifestyle, beauty, and abundance of opportunity Southern Vancouver Island offers, regularly enjoying the outdoors alongside his partner, Nicole, and their two children.