The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® certification course is designed to showcase Coldwell Banker influence and strength in the luxury market segment.

Create your place in the world of luxury real estate while learning from some of the masters of the craft. Gain powerful insight into the resources of the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Program and Institute Membership.

This FAQ outlines the changes and benefits of the certification course and most importantly if this course right for you.


  • The certification course was redesigned in 2017 with excellence in mind, taught by those working inthe luxury market and providing you with the knowledge and tools to enhance or begin your career inthe luxury market.
  • The certification course includes instructors from Coldwell Banker and The Institute for Luxury HomeMarketing.
  • The course is a luxury experience that includes time for building relationships and networking.
  • Luxury Property Specialists (LPS) will retain active status for the duration of their tenure as an affiliated sales associate with Coldwell Banker. The Institute membership will be renewed yearly after the first two years at the current rate of $275.
  • Any Coldwell Banker affiliated sales associate may take the course and become a Member with TheInstitute. To apply for the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury certification (LPS), register for a Global Luxurycourse. Your registration confirmation contains a link to The Institute's Member Portal where you can apply for the LPS.

Affiliated sales associates must complete a Global Luxury course and submit your LPS Application through The Institute’s Member Portal with supporting documentation showing they have sold (3) luxury properties within the past 24 months. The threshold for luxury properties is determined by the top ten percent of sales within the zip code where each property is located. To find the Global Luxury Thresholds, please visit CB Desk, click on Global Luxury (left-side menu), and select GL Threshold Tool.

Affiliated sales associates are eligible to apply for the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ (CLHMS) designation, which calculates the luxury threshold using county criteria. To find your Luxury Threshold for the CLHMS™ designation, click here.

The Luxury Property Specialist Application will be reviewed for both Coldwell Banker and The Institute's sales requirements.

The Institute will review all applications and will respond to the applicant within 2-3 weeks. Your certification becomes active when you have completed the course and had your application approved.

  • National certification serves to distinguish Luxury Property Specialists as some of the most experienced, talented, and vetted specialists in the industry.
  • Certification course attendees benefit from the experience of the most successful Luxury Property Specialists in the world sharing their strategies and luxury marketing methods. The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® experience offers an unprecedented opportunity to network and mastermind with Luxury Property Specialists.
  • Attendees receive two years of Institute membership, tools, and benefits, including:
    • Access to an exclusive social network of influential real estate professionals
    • Weekly automated luxury posts for your social media channels
    • Complimentary, state-approved, online continuing education for U.S. based individuals
    • Complimentary expense tracking software
    • And much more
  • Understanding and articulating the value of the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Program
  • How to access and use national Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Program tools and resources
  • How to identify properties appropriate for the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Program
  • Available global marketing options through the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Program
  • New technologies and additional programs included in the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Program
  • How to build relationships and create a powerful network in a luxury market
  • How to prepare for and conduct an exceptional luxury listing consultation
  • The best practices for conducting an exceptional luxury buyer consultation
  • How to identify essential components of a custom marketing plan for a luxury listing
  • How to communicate the value of the Coldwell Banker brand tools, network, and power to your clients
  • Jade Mills, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Beverly Hills, California
  • Ricardo Rodriguez, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Boston, MA
  • Carrie Wells, Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Real Estate, Aspen, Colorado
  • Many of the top Coldwell Banker affiliated sales associates are Luxury Property Specialists.
  • The course is presented by associates who are considered masters of the luxury real estate craft.
  • The program offers a wide array of leading-edge resources that distinguishes it, along with the expectation of excellence.


For Individuals - An affiliated sales associate must have participated in three (3) property sales (not sides) that meet the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury listing price threshold. To find the Global Luxury Thresholds, please visit CB Desk, click on Global Luxury (left-side menu), and select GL Threshold Tool.

For Teams- If a Luxury Property Specialist leads a team, team members may also qualify as individual agents, based on meeting the Global Luxury Program requirements. If a team member does not qualify as a Luxury Property Specialist, they can use the Global Luxury logo and materials, but they may NOT identify themselves as a Luxury Property Specialist. For further information, refer to the listing production form in CB Desk.

  • Complete a Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® course
    • The full list of courses, locations, dates, and registration information can be found on CB Desk
  • Complete your application along with your proof of production
    • The online application is located in The Institute's Member Portal
  • You will receive notification on whether your application has been approved within 2-3 weeks of submitting the application and documentation

Three (3) property transactions (not sides) closed within the last 24 months, where each property is:

  • Single Family Residential, a townhome, a condominium, or cooperative.
    • Unimproved land, commercial, or multi-family properties do not qualify
  • Sold at or above the luxury threshold. The luxury threshold is the top ten percent of residential sales in a market area or $500,000.00, whichever is greater. The market area is defined as a zip code in the United States and metropolitan area in other countries
  • Supported by proof of production, preferably a Full MLS Sold Report. If the full report is not available, both a HUD Settlement Statement and Commission Disbursement Acknowledgement (CDA) may be used.
    • All supporting documentation must include the full property address, a property type or description of residential, the commissioned agent’s name, sold price, and closed date.

Only grandfathered affiliated sales associates are automatically certified Luxury Property Specialists. Grandfathered affiliates have these additional options from The Institute:

  • Take any training with The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, including:
    • Coldwell Banker Global Luxury course
    • Luxury Online
    • Luxury Livestream
    • Luxury Live
  • Complete any of the above courses provides eligibility to apply for the CLHMS™ designation. The CLHMS Application is found in The Institute's Member Portal.
  • Courses are planned several times each year across the country or delivered virtually via livestream.
  • The course schedule is located on CB Desk.

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