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To become a Member of the Institute, you must be a licensed real estate agent or member of the National Association of REALTORS®, The Canadian Real Estate Association or other International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) affiliated national organization.

The first step to becoming a member is in successfully completing either the Luxury Live or Luxury Online training. Completion of The Institute's training activates the membership account with The Institute providing the ability to brand yourself as a Member and gain immediate access to the Members Only portal. The Members Only portal allows Members to manage their membership account, as well as access exclusive Member Benefits & Resources.

Only active Members of The Institute have the ability to submit the application(s) for the CLHMS™ designation and GUILD™ recognition respectively. The CLHMS™ designation is a luxury-specific professional designation that reflects that the real estate professional has proven documented performance within the luxury residential market.

Levels of Membership

The Institute has three levels of membership, based upon performance in the upper-tier market. All membership levels have access to the Member Benefits & Resources to help them work with affluent clientele and market homes in the upper tier.

Benefits of Membership

Member of The Institute

As a member, you will be recognized as a knowledgeable professional who has undergone extensive training in providing quality service and effective results in the luxury market.

Completing The Institute's training and becoming an Institute Member gains you access to exclusive benefits and is the first step in earning the CLHMS™ designation.

Become a Member

CLHMS™ Designated Member Level

Active Members who submit the CLHMS Application and have met sales performance requirements for the designation will be awarded the CLHMS™ designation upon review and subsequent approval of their applications.The membership account will be upgraded to the reflect the designation.

As CLHMS™ designee Member you will be recognized as having proven, specialized upper-tier expertise in the luxury home and estate market.

Earn the Designation

GUILD™ Recognized Member Level

Active CLHMS™ Designated Members who submit the GUILD Application and meet the sales performance requirements for the recognition will be awarded GUILD™ recognition upon review and subsequent approval of their applications. The membership account will be updated to reflect the recognition.

Achieve the Recognition