– CLHMS Online Training –

This is the same course we offer live around the U.S. and Canada.

  • The same great content presented online in a self-paced, multimedia format.
  • The Canadian version of the course is customized for the Canadian market.
  • Enrollment is open – REALTORS® and other real estate professionals around the world can register anytime.
  • Work at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Just like our live training, upon completion of the course, you become a Member of The Institute, are eligible to earn the CLHMS designation, and enjoy all the benefits of membership.

Course Format

The course is a combination of text, audio and video. Plan on approximately 15 hours of content including quizzes and the final exam. You can start and stop the course whenever you please, and your place is saved. You have up to a year to complete the course (but you can finish as soon as you like!).

We recognize that reading on the screen can sometimes be a challenge, so the course is light on text but full of audio narration and video. There are no goofy animations. Navigating through the course is simple. So sit back, relax, and learn the secrets that will take your business to the next level.

The course is accessible via Mac, PC, Android and iPad, so you can enjoy it anywhere you have an internet connection. Headphones recommended.

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What's covered in the online course?

The same great ideas and information as the live course. Learn what wealthy buyers and sellers say are the "real secrets" to capturing their business and delivering outstanding service! These are the ideas actually used by our members to capture luxury home listings priced from $500,000 to $100,000,000.

  • The TWO secrets that will guarantee your success
  • Myth or Reality? What you thought you knew about the luxury market may not be true!
  • The ONE thing you must do to become a luxury home marketing expert
  • Understand why the definition of a luxury home is specific to each individual market
  • Learn the reasons for targeting the luxury market and the pitfalls to avoid
  • How to determine which segments of the luxury market are still strong – it's NOT the "lower income affluent" segment.
  • Discover three BIG opportunities in today's luxury market and how to tap them for business
  • Learn how to quickly and easily track key trends in luxury home design and amenities
  • Why old money and new money are irrelevant – but mindset is not!
  • The secrets of LifeStyle Selling (Don't tell! But, DO use these secrets to deliver better service and make more money)
  • The truth about how the wealthy choose their agents – the checklist that came straight from their lips
  • It's true, you can target by occupation – we'll tell you which occupations are key
  • Amazing truths about millionaires. Are they good prospects or not?
  • The 7 segments within the luxury market which may be your best prospect groups
  • The 6 key features the wealthy are looking for in a property marketing plan
  • The resources wealthy buyers say they use to shop for homes
  • The simple secret to winning the luxury listing, even when your competition is the top luxury agent in your market
  • What big companies like American Express, Chanel, Mercedes, and Cartier know about the rich that you need to know, too
  • How the rich are different (in addition to having more money!)
  • The 6 steps to differentiating yourself as a luxury home expert
  • Learn the art of branding yourself as THE Luxury Home Marketing Expert of choice
  • The "product" you must sell before you can sell a luxury home
  • Why local market knowledge is important and exactly what you need to know to make the right decisions in your business and to advise luxury home buyers and sellers
  • The 9 special competencies that will maximize your success and income
  • How to capture luxury referrals from other agents
  • The Three P's and how to implement them for more success
  • Can you be a luxury expert and work other price ranges, too – Yes! Just use this script
  • 5 simple changes in terminology that top luxury agents use to gain business
  • How to use LifeStyle Marketing in your prospecting
  • How to save time and money in your marketing by sophisticated targeting
  • Understand psychographic versus demographic data (avoid old census information!)
  • Specific ideas to implement in developing your personal marketing plan
  • Network your business to the next level
  • How to tap into the International luxury market no matter where you live!
  • Why you should never schedule another "listing presentation" – what to do instead
  • What one agent used to capture a $13 million listing – you can do it, too
  • How to establish good, clear communication with your sellers
  • The secrets to negotiating MORE than what you consider "a full fee" – plus scripts
  • The truth about square-footage pricing in the luxury market
  • "Amenity pricing" and how it works
  • The most powerful pricing tool in today's market
  • The MAGIC question to ask yourself before pricing a home
  • How to deal with the sellers objection "that there are no comparable properties"
  • What to do when your seller wants "a private sale," without MLS or advertising
  • Why you don't use mass marketing in the luxury market
  • Understand targeted LifeStyle Marketing and how to use it to define your best prospects
  • A formula for developing a multi-tier marketing plan and an example plan to build on
  • The key questions to ask when choosing a magazine for your ads
  • Seller funded marketing and golden handcuffs – How, why and why not?
  • How to use a property positioning statement as a foundation for your advertising copy
  • Are you making these copywriting mistakes? Avoid them and watch your listings sell
  • What you need to know about real estate photography – Tips and examples
  • Why most property brochures fall short
  • When and how to use staging – plus a script to broach the topic
  • What to do when your sellers won't stage, but the house needs staging
  • The important concept of "repurposing"
  • Creating marketplace BUZZ with the Real Estate Soiree
  • How to get others to help pay for your property marketing and reach more prospects
  • Tips (some of which you probably never thought of) for marketing your listings
  • Prequalifying your wealthy prospect in three steps – The MAGIC question, the written tool , and the follow-up phone call
  • How LifeStyle Matching creates faster sales and happier buyers
  • Options for "Agent Must be Present to Show" request
  • Discover the power of a showing guide
  • Understand how the feature/benefit approach fits into LifeStyle showings
  • How to deal with the complex transaction – trust purchases, deal killers, implementers, and more!
  • Working with screeners

System Requirements

  • Broadband internet connection
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Web browser:
    • Internet Explorer 6+
    • Firefox 2+
    • Safari on Mac 1.2+
    • HTML5 compatible browser on mobile devices
  • Javascript and Cookies enabled
  • Flash Player 9+
  • iOS 6.0+
  • Display resolution of 1024x768 or greater