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Tami Simms

Tami Simms is a real estate marketing expert and accomplished trainer. Her background in advertising and as a concierge at a luxury resort provides her with real insights on reaching and serving the luxury consumer.

Experience selling luxury real estate ensures that she understands the challenges faced by residential sales professionals in today’s upper-tier market. Tami has trained with Institute founder, Laurie Moore-Moore and presents the Institute’s two-day training with energy and expertise. Audiences give her outstanding reviews. Tami is a Million Dollar Guild member of the Institute, and holds the Certified Luxury Home Marketing (CLHMS) and Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designations.


Trainees Say...

Tami was excellent. She kept me engaged. The course made me think of new and innovative ways to approach my marketplace.

Lynda Stern

Overall, the course was full of interesting and useful information.

Martha Raymond

I appreciated all the marketing ideas!

Robin Gwaltney

Laurie Moore-Moore

Founder of The Institute, Laurie Moore-Moore has been in the residential real estate business for 30 years. She has sold luxury real estate, managed a large real estate office, and has run two divisions of the nation’s third largest real estate company.

Laurie, co-founder of REAL Trends, Inc. (an industry communications and research firm), has spoken widely in the industry, founded and managed multiple brokerage company CEO-strategy groups, trained over 9,000 luxury home agents, and is an advisory board member of a Fortune 1000 company.

It's no wonder Laurie was chosen by The Real Estate Intelligence Report as one of the ten people having the most impact on the residential real estate business in the past 25 years.

Watch the Luxury Diva videos featuring Laurie.

Trainees Say...

This was one of the most informative classes I have taken, and it will help take my business to the next level.

Sheryle Campbell

Knowledge is power and Laurie Moore-Moore is powerful.

Dennis Boyle

Fabulous information and content.

Natalie Kauffman

Bill Hensley

Bill Hensley is a proven leader and instructor at the highest levels of human performance.

He’s been a licensed broker in California since 1994, when he founded a successful luxury real estate brokerage in San Diego, and operated it for over a decade before combining forces with a national company.

Before becoming a full-time luxury broker and trainer, Bill was an officer and supersonic-jet instructor pilot in the United States Air Force where success or failure was measured in inches while travelling at 500 miles per hour.

After leaving the Air Force, he flew for several decades as a commercial airline pilot for one of the largest passenger airlines in the world.

Bill has also made time to publish several top-selling leadership and training books that are currently sold in more than 17 countries from Europe to Asia and beyond.

He is a frequent television commentator, and previously hosted his own AM radio talk show in San Diego, and he also holds a black belt in karate, formerly competing at the national level.

Bill now enthusiastically spends his time in the luxury real estate industry sharing lessons and insights gained from his diverse past experiences.