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All of the information was so energizing and could be used in any market. I really felt excited about all of the new ideas I received!

Laurie Brown
Ashford Square Realty, L.L.C.
College Station, TX US

Excellent perspective on what it takes to be successful in the luxury market.

David Toro
Keller Williams Tampa
Tampa, FL US

Very entertaining! 2 days went by very quickly.

Melissa De Maria
Keller Williams Tampa
Tampa, FL US

Excellent, informative, and innovative strategies for successfully serving luxury clients.

Gary Ubaldini
Keller Williams Real Estate
Palm Harbor, FL US
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Excellent course! I am very glad that I signed up!

Lucas Lechuga
Miami Beach, FL US

This course is a wealth of information! Very beneficial! I can't wait to start applying the lessons learned!

, US

I loved the marketing ideas, especially how to turn negatives into positives!

, US

Really helpful information and I am more confident about approaching the luxury client.

Amanda Abbott
Miramar Beach, FL US

I enjoyed learning about the attitudes of the high-end client. I loved learning how to separate myself from other real estate brokers.

Jennifer Chambers
Breckenridge,, CO US

I liked the great marketing ideas given in this course.

Bridget D'Arcy
Denver, CO US

This course is very useful to my business. I now understand the mindset of the affluent.

Brandon Beston
Denver, CO US

With this course I gained competence and confidence to work the luxury industry. I am prepared for seizing the opportunity. Thank you, Bill Hensley!

Denver, CO US

Tami is an excellent presenter.

Greg Guhbin
Hamilton, ON US

This is a very inspirational and informative course for luxury realtors. Bill Hensley is pure excellence, he communicates effectively, and his presence is authentic.

Carmen Telfort
Lauderdale by the Sea,, FL US

This course allowed me to think outside the box on marketing ideas.

Stephanie Deeds
Arlington, TX US

The marketing ideas are very good. The products provided with membership look exceptional.

Sgeri LeCount
Southlake, TX US

This presentation was extremely informative and had practical useful information.

Miami, FL US

Bill Hensley and the information given were PERFECT!

Scottsdale, AZ US

Bill Hensley has great energy, great information, and he is innovative. I enjoyed his teaching style!

Scottsdale, AZ US

This course has provided me with new and exciting information. I now have information that will give myself more exposure to work with the best.

Scottsdale, AZ US

Bill Hensley was excellent! I loved his passion and knowledge of this industry.

Scottsdale, AZ US

I have taken away many ideas from this training. Bill Hensley has great enthusiasm and inspiration, which I feel is PRICELESS.

Scottsdale, AZ US

I really enjoyed listening to the Instructor's personal experiences, what strategies he is using in his business and learning that it Works!!

Deborah Gregory
Franklin, TN US

I liked the new terminology to be used when working with the affluent & successful. I also liked the information about how to address the topic of "reducing a commission" with a potential client.

, US

I enjoyed the focus on Market Reports & Market Branding.

, US

The Marketing Ideas for diverse properties was very useful. Learning how to turn a Negative into a Positive Selling-Point was very good information.

, US

The Trainer was Amazing!! I loved the Scripts she used during her presentation. There were so many great scripts to use for all our Listings!

, US

The Marketing ideas, Negotiating Tips and new Terminology to use with Wealthy Clients were all Great strategies to start using. I really liked hearing the Trainer talk about Marketing Properties.

, US

Very useful information!

Miguel Herrera
San Antonio, TX US

Reinforcement of current practices, and some good ideas for refining those practices. Thanks!

, US
Total Records: 1723
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