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The CLHMS Designation is the official designation of
the KW Luxury Homes International program.

Each associate participating in the KW Luxury Homes International program is required to complete the CLHMS Training Course within 12 months of joining KW Luxury Homes International. Information on KW Luxury Homes International, including details on how to apply, annual dues, and renewal requirements can be found on the Keller Williams Intranet under “Membership” or by contacting luxuryhomes@kw.com.

With The Institute...

What are the steps for earning the CLHMS designation?

  1. Register for the two-day Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist training course. This training course is required for those KW associates who wish to participate in KW Luxury Homes International. There are no sales performance or education prerequisites. All associates may attend, as long as they are licensed real estate agents. You may complete the training by taking a live course, or our self-paced online training.
  2. Once you have completed the training, you will become a Member of The Institute. As a Member you will have access to the member network, and thousands of dollars worth of member benefits.
  3. When you have met the performance requirements (which vary slightly from the KW Luxury Homes International requirements), complete the application form, and Fax it to The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing at (214) 485-3310. Active members may wait as long as three years after completing the course to meet the sales performance requirements. Members who submit at least two qualifying properties sold at one million dollars or more will receive THE MILLION DOLLAR GUILD recognition, a select recognition group within The Institute.

Do I have to meet the CLHMS performance standards before I can take the training?

No, you can take the training and meet sales performance requirements later. Active Members may take as long as three years after completing the course to meet performance requirements and earn the designation.

Keller Williams 2015 Approved Vendor
Neither Keller Williams Realty, Inc. nor its affiliated companies warrant any product or service delivered under this program. All products and services are provided by ILHM. A Keller Williams Approved Vendor Program member is a business entity independent from Keller Williams Realty, Inc. and has no agency, partnership, or joint-venture with Keller Williams Realty, Inc.