– Nextage Luxe Collection –

The CLHMS Designation is the official designation of
the Nextage Luxe Collection™

The Institute exists to help real estate professionals provide high quality service to the buyers and sellers of luxury homes and in so doing, maximize their own success in the upper-tier residential market.

As a Nextage Luxe Collection™ agent committed to success, we invite you to join us and earn your Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist® designation.

What are the steps for earning the CLHMS designation?

  1. Register for the two-day Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist training course. There are no prerequisites for attending the training. Nextage Realty agents can complete the training and become Members of The Institute by taking a live course, or our self-paced online training.
  2. Once you have completed the training, you will become a Member of The Institute. A free year of membership is included in the cost of the training. As a Member you will have access to the member network, and thousands of dollars worth of member benefits.
  3. When you have met the performance requirements, complete the application form, and Fax it to The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing at (214) 485-3310. Active members may wait as long as three years after completing the course to submit performance requirement verification.  Agents who submit at least two properties sold at one million dollars or more will receive the special acknowledgment of being members of THE MILLION DOLLAR GUILD, a select recognition group within The Institute.

Do I have to meet the CLHMS performance standards before I can take the training?

No, you can take the training and meet performance standards later. Active Members may take as long as three years after completing the course to submit performance requirements for verification and earn the designation.